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Why Select B Burke Consulting

  • We do the work – providing you expert content and saving you time.
  • We have the experience to guide you through the process.
  • We are honest, ethical, transparent, and knowledgeable.
  • Get Funded by working with a leading business plan consulting firm.
  • We only create top Quality business plans customized to your business.
  • We have Proven Results with Stellar Customer Feedback.
  • We have a strict Confidentiality Agreement to give you peace of mind.

Every business starts out with an idea, a vision, and an entrepreneur brave enough to embrace the unknown. Once the idea begins to grow, most new businesses struggle with how to plan for success. A business plan is a valuable resource that will force you to work through issues and set goals to ensure your success. It helps you see your weaknesses and strengths, and lets you plan accordingly.

B Burke Consulting will help you create an effective business plan that presents your business ideas and objectives in clear, concise language. Each plan includes financial projections based upon realistic, detailed assumptions. No templates or “business plan writing programs” are used, only Microsoft Office applications. This means we have the ability to completely customize a plan for you. This also means you will receive complete financials in Microsoft Excel format, allowing you to edit and change assumptions or enter actual financial information after start-up. In this manner, your product will serve well as a management tool.

Each business plan is tailored to the unique characteristics of your individual business and its specific industry.

Plan Writing: A great business plan distinguishes a company from all others and proves why an investor, bank, partner or other entity should invest capital, time and / or other resources into a company. A comprehensive business plan consists of both convincing narrative text and realistic financial projections. I customize the narrative sections to clearly and concisely explain the business opportunity and how you intend to maximize its potential.

The result of our relationship is a professional business plan that can stand up to the most critical investor and make them excited about your business idea.

Fees: The fee for a business plan is dependent upon the scope of the project and the complexity of the plan. Please contact us for details.